[Seaside] Updateable permanent links

Jens Pall jens at axonspace.com
Mon Jan 29 16:27:03 UTC 2007

Philippe Marschall wrote:
> 2007/1/29, Ramon Leon <ramon.leon at allresnet.com>:
>> URLs in Seaside mean whatever you want them to mean.  If you want
>> /someApp/someFileName.txt to link to a file in Magma, then simply look at
>> the url in your component's init
>> initialize
>>   self loadFile: self session currentRequest url
> You can acutally override #initialRequest: on your component for such
> situations. Or write your own request handler (probably subclass of
> WAEntryPoint or something like that).
> Philippe
>>   self session expire.
>> Grab the file name, look it up in magma via your object model, and return
>> it.  If you want those permanent URLs to be sessionless, just expire the
>> session on the way out.  There may have been a project on Squeak map 
>> to add
>> long lived URLs to Seaside, but I forget what it was called, in any case,
>> this is simple to do yourself.
>> Ramon Leon
>> http://onsmalltalk.com

Thanks guys. I'll have to explore this a bit and see if it is enough to 
get me going.


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