[Seaside] Re: Fwd: OSCON 2007 Call for Participation Ends Soon

Giles Bowkett gilesb at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 19:06:44 UTC 2007

> Great screencast! I hope you get to make a presentation at OSCON.
> In any case, if the screencast gets good play, it'll still be a
> big PR boost.
> In the conclusion you have Seaside trumps Rails (in some things),
> and vice versa. I'd be curious to know where you think Rails
> is "better". Is it better out-of-box experience, better documentation,
> easier RDB hookup, more ready made components, etc.?
> Again, thanks for this screencast; it really gives me the sense
> that Seaside is gaining traction and ready for take-off.

For sure -- glad everybody liked it so much. I got the idea from the
Rails screencasts, there's a ton of effort on the marketing side with
Rails, and of course DHH (Rails' creator) works for a firm with roots
in graphic design.

In terms of Rails, one thing is the marketing and documentation, it's
a lot easier for a newbie to hit the ground running. Also the Unix
interaction, relational databases, that often makes life more
practical. Gemstone might be better but it's also more obscure.

Rails has one huge weakness, though, which is that they make things
**too** easy for newbies. So there's a lot of people in that community
who aren't really programmers, and the result is a lot of messy
mistakes with a very elegant framework. Like shooting yourself in the
foot with an unusually beautiful gun. And there are also a lot of
people who came to Rails from PHP. They discover reflection and lambda
for the first time and they go a little nuts with it. (Then again I'm
as guilty of that as any Rails n00b.)

Anyway -- I think the "vs" attitude isn't the way to go, I definitely
like having both frameworks in my bag of tricks.

Giles Bowkett

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