[Seaside] Wrong Domain-Name using Apache as Reverse Proxy

Adrian Schmitt adrian.schmitt at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 29 21:32:16 UTC 2007


Now I got finally running seaside behind an apache-1.3-reverse-proxy..
(was not too hard)

But there is a problem now.. I get the wrong links. The links I am
seeing on the site have the domain of the server where the image is
running.. but they need to have the domain of the server where apache
is running.

The links in the site look like this:

a href="" is the address of the machine where the image is running
(as seen from the webserver where the apache reverse-proxy is running)

Should be like this:

a href="http://mybeautifuldomain.com/seaside/store"

Can I tell seaside to use another domain to construct the links?

Thank you

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