[Seaside] Feature or bug related to Canvas API's implementation of textInput (async edition)?

Michel Bany michel.bany at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 13:23:36 UTC 2007

On 31 Jan 2007, at 08:25 , Rick Flower wrote:

> I just happened to notice this when I had a breakpoint set inside a  
> liveCallback block such as below :
> (html textInput) size: 5; value: ''; liveCallback: [ :value :r |  
> dosomething_here ]
> I find that a breakpoint fires every time a character is typed into  
> the field.. I'm guessing (but haven't
> checked) that the javascript as part of SeasideAsync is hooked into  
> the javascript "onchange" event
> instead of a focus change..   Anyway, just thought I'd check to see  
> if this would still work if plugged
> into the focus change event instead without pestering Seaside for  
> each character.  Anyway, just
> thought I'd check..

Definitely a feature, not a bug, see the last paragraph at

The javascript is attached to the "keydown"/"keypress" event  
depending on the browser.
You can see the effect at http://localhost:8008/seaside/go/tests/ 


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