[Seaside] updating the contents of a div as a side effect of a liveCallback..

Rick Flower rickf at ca-flower.com
Wed Jan 31 21:51:27 UTC 2007

Michel Bany wrote:
>> ... Seaside is complaining (likely because it's not allowed).. 
> Can you be more specific ?
> Are you able to create a small example that produce the Seaside complaint ?

Michel -- It might be something I'm doing wrong, but I thought I saw 
test code in the Async package that is more or less doing what I'm 
doing.. I've got a submit button with the liveCallback (the new stuff 
that you added the other day) that looks like the following :

html div id: #blah with: [ html submitButton liveCallback: [:r | self 
renderCartContents: self on: r]; text: 'Add to Cart'].

Down in >>renderCartContents I've got the following :

 >>renderCartContents: dummy on: html
html text: 'blah'

When it comes time to do the liveCallback (by pressing the submit 
button), I get the follow dialog box from Seaside :

No replacement and no script evaluated, probable bug in your callback code.

See below the response produced by the callback code.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><body>blah</body>

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