[Seaside] [Bug][2.8] WAUserConfiguration-#initialize migration problems

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jul 4 16:23:25 UTC 2007

Hi Lukas,

thanks once again for your timely input,

>> In loading Seaside 2.8 into an image which has 2.7 in it, the
>> WAUserConfiguration-#initialize method is copying over values for its
>> ancestors which are references to ObsoleteClasses.
> This looks scary, this initializer must be quite old.
I am not sure what you mean, this is the code in 2.8 latest.

    self allInstances do: [:ea | ea instVarNamed: 'ancestors' put: (ea 
ancestors collect: [:c  | [c instVarNamed: 'parent'] ifError: [c]])]

>> It appears that performing an initialize or a WADispatcher resetAll,
>> essential fails to reset the configuration ancestors, it just propagates
>> any previous errors that might be present in the configuration ancestry.
> Maybe you need to recompile the code. There shouldn't be obsolete
> references in the Seaside code, we regularly run SLint.
I dont see how recompiling the code will help since I have instances of 
subclasses of WAConfiguration from when this was a Seaside2.7 
installation. I load 2.8 in and it has obsoleted some of these 
instances, however the WAUserConfiguration-initialize and resetAll 
simply dont initialize, they copy the old.

Now having attempted to clear these out manually I am left with nothing 
that works at all. Everything returns nil for sessionClass.




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