[Seaside] Page displays without images ('jpg)

Ching de la Serna ching.dls at gmail.com
Thu Jul 5 02:14:44 UTC 2007


Has anyone encountered this problem:
  - a Seaside application sits on  machine2 at a private network
  - proxied by Apache on machine1 where
  - a domain name points to a router which redirects port 80 to
  - machine1
    1. the homepage loads but without images (jpg) and no css styling
    2. clicking any link on the page brings up error not found:
    (the basepath of the path is "seaside/app"

The applicaton works fine within the network (from machine3 directly calling
machine1's IP address) and from localhost (machine1).
The application worked fine before the stuff with the domain name was done
where the IP address typed on a browser would bring up the homepage just

Help anyone?

P.S. Seaside Rocks!!! It seems that it's me that sucks.
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