[Seaside] [VW] 2.8a1.390 now available on public store

Bany, Michel mbany at cincom.com
Fri Jul 6 15:23:40 UTC 2007

As requested on this list I published Seaside 2.8 on the public Store repository.


both are based on Squeak version Seaside2.8a1-lr.390, July 4, 2007.

I also published Scriptaculous based on its most current Squeak version.


based on Squeak version Scriptaculous-mb.205, July 6, 2007.

The version number for Scriptaculous in the public Store repository (2.8a1.xxx)
is meant to indicate that it will not work with Seaside 2.6 and Seaside 2.7.

Although I did not check, I expect most of the Seaside add-ons to fail with Seaside 2.8
(SeasideAsync, SeasideTesting, WebDesignerTool, SeaChart, ShoreComponents,etc.).


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