[Seaside] [vw]Image map revisited

Carl Gundel carlg at libertybasic.com
Fri Jul 6 15:42:07 UTC 2007

When I asked about how to use image maps with Seaside and VW last year, the 
answer was effectively as I understood it that it was broken as delivered. 
Now I am currently using Seaside 2.6 for my current work, and will be for at 
least a few more months.  So I put off this work, but now I really do need 
an image map.  I saw that there is a new image map API for 2.7.  I figured 
that I may be able to backport the new stuff to v2.6.  The trouble is I 
don't see how to use the new image map API.  I see only two methods in the 


How do I use these?  Is a backport feasible?  :-)

-Carl Gundel

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