[Seaside] non-blocking call:

Norbert Hartl norbert at hartl.name
Sun Jul 8 21:37:42 UTC 2007

On Sun, 2007-07-08 at 21:58 +0200, Lukas Renggli wrote:
> > > Good to know. So this is only working inside the render loop, right?
> >
> > Yes.
> I would rather say from within callbacks or WATask>>#go (which is
> internally implemented as a callback).
For me the action stays the same. I'll have to setup things right
in initialRequest: and let them do everything while being rendered.
I see no difference here between WAComponent and WATask if you
depend on blocking behaviour.

> > > So I have to find a way to setup the components in initialRequest:
> > > and let them be display inside the render loop.

> The question is, if you really want it to block in #initialRequest:?
> That could have very strange side-effects where some components
> already received #initialRequest: while others didn't.
Yes, I total agree. I've just never thought of it before discovering
this :) My "Actions" are litlle state machines anyway. So no problem
just another set up. Or rely on WATask. I'll have to think about

> > The usual trick is to use a WATask and do the #call: there in #go. You
> > have just found one of the weaker points of Seaside REST support. This
> > might be something for 2.9.
> I don't see a problem there. Use #show: in these cases, to make the
> non-blocking behavior explicit.
But I want to have a blocking behaviour. I should thought of WATask 



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