[Seaside] [ANN] new Seaside homepage

Martial Boniou martial.boniou at ifrance.com
Wed Jul 11 09:28:44 UTC 2007

Nice work. It's a good ad for pier cms too. It seems that the header
should be nicer if it was textured; the white is a bit large.

Is there a vector/SVG/AI/flash logo of Seaside. I'll be glad to have a
resizeable logo (and a extra-small version like the 'get firefox'
buttons (20px*80px)).

Finally I have two remarks.
- I don't like to much the resized image in the box (screenshot section)
when you have small screens (as I have now). It's nothing but a generic
issue with this box in seaside. Is there another javascript lightbox
- Is the 'manage' section useful to display? I use Pier too and what I
did for my personal website is to add a special 'hidden' page for
administration in dispatcher pointing to the same PRKernel instance but
displaying the 'manage' section (using a configuration new variable to
say whether the 'manage' section are displayed or not). So when the user
access to seaside via:

seaside.st = it displays the page without 'manage'

And when he writes:

seaside.st/secretadminpageentry = it goes with the login section and all
the admin things.

It's just suggestion. It's a very nice work. It's far better than the
old pages. I hope squeak.org/squeakfoundation sites will benefit this
kind of new design one day.

About the demos, I'm thinking it would be nice to see an halo demo with
a *secure* inspector and read-only wabrowser displaying the only
concerned categories. Just a brainstorming!


On Wed, 2007-07-11 at 09:50 +0200, Philippe Marschall wrote:
> Hi
> After too many delays the new Seaside homepage [1] has finally gone
> online. Since we switched hosts it might take a moment until the DNS
> update propagates to you. The first thing you'll notice is the updated
> look for which we no longer have to excuse. We cleaned up the content
> and added a lot of new stuff. Among others you'll find interactive
> examples, feed aggregation Monticello commit logs and the answers to
> often asked questions like 'What is the best Swiss cheese?'. Under the
> hood we made a lot of technology upgrades. We finally run on Seaside
> (2.8) and the Pier CMS with several plug-ins, we are also hosted at
> Seaside-Hosting [2]. The only way to eat more dog food would be
> running on SqueakNOS.
> The page is not yet fully finished (and probably never will be) but we
> feel we're at the point where it's significantly better than the old
> one. So if you have suggestions for improvements or want to help get
> in contact with us.
> Cheers
> Lukas
> Philippe
> [1] http://www.seaside.st
> [2] http://www.seasidehosting.st/
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