[Seaside] [ANN] new Seaside homepage

Rick Flower rickf at ca-flower.com
Wed Jul 11 16:42:54 UTC 2007

On Wed, July 11, 2007 9:34 am, Richard Eng wrote:
> Why is Ruby on Rails clobbering Seaside? I think the answer lies in
> documentation--good, plentiful documentation. Newbie-friendly
> documentation.
> Moreover, RoR actually has published books! Seaside does not.
> A good Seaside book would go a long way toward promoting Seaside...

I can't speak for others, but you could certainly give credit
to RoR being the catalyst for me finding Seaside (care of a RoR
blog post).. As for why it RoR may have a bigger following?
At least for me, the biggest hurdle was learning the language
and the environment.. If you're used to using traditional
toolsets for C/C++/Perl/PHP/Ruby and countless others that follow
the "file" based approach, Smalltalk can take a bit of getting
used to.. The language works completely different than the
others which really look similar to each other in many ways
thereby simplifying the learning curve.  As I mentioned earlier,
the toolset takes a bit of getting used to as well..  So, in
summary, I don't believe the issue is with Seaside as much as
it's an issue of wrapping your mind around Smalltalk in general
and everything that comes with it.. IF you can take the time to
learn ST, you'll be much better for it -- BUT it does take some

Just my $0.02US worth, which ain't much these days!

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