[Seaside] [ANN] new Seaside homepage

Blake blake at kingdomrpg.com
Wed Jul 11 21:02:59 UTC 2007

On Wed, 11 Jul 2007 09:34:40 -0700, Richard Eng <richard.eng at rogers.com>  

> Why is Ruby on Rails clobbering Seaside? I think the answer lies in
> documentation--good, plentiful documentation. Newbie-friendly  
> documentation.
> Moreover, RoR actually has published books! Seaside does not.
> A good Seaside book would go a long way toward promoting Seaside...

I think you guys may have reversed the causality here. As I understand it,  
Ruby's popularity is largely =due= to Tim O'Reilly hyping the bejeezus out  
of it. In other words, a publisher decided to push it first, fired up the  
hype machine about the "next big thing" and, well, here we are.

If true, the problem is that it might be harder to convince selfsame  
publisher to pitch a product that might diminish Ruby's lustre.

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