[Seaside] WAComponent decoration not initializing.

Andre Siebrits andre at finworks.biz
Thu Jul 12 14:05:38 UTC 2007



We upgraded from Seaside 2.7 to Seaside 2.8 on
Squeak3.9-win32(Squeak3.9-7067) .


I downloaded the latest versions of Seaside 2.8 (Seaside2.8a1-kph.415.mcz)
and SeasideTesting (SeasideTesting-R1.4-cds.5.mcz).


I loaded the packages into  our Squeak 3.9 working environment via


I  need to test the SeasideTesting package on the unit tests we have created
for a  project and which are all running successfully in Seaside 2.7. 


.         I found the following: It seems the WAComponent decoration
attribute is not initialized even though there is an initializeDecoration

In the initialize method of the instance. I noticed that the decoration
attribute used to be lazy-initialized in the reference version of Seaside2.8
(Seaside2.8a1-pmm.212.mcz). I re-introduced the lazy-initializer and the
tests ran successfully. 


.         There are references to the removed class
WARenderLoopConfiguration from within SeasideTesting
(SCComponentTestCase.newApplicationWithRootClass:initializeWith: &
SCComponentTestCase.newApplicationWithRootClass:createWith: etc.) I replaced
the references with  WARenderConfiguration and the tests ran.


Am I doing the right thing here?





Andre Siebrits


andre at finworks.biz


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