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Richard Eng richard.eng at rogers.com
Thu Jul 12 19:13:27 UTC 2007

I find the word ³heretic² in ³The heretic web framework² a bit off-putting.
The word has a bad connotation. Better alternatives would be ³iconoclast² or

Similarly, the word ³elitist² in ³The elitist web framework with the ironic
slogans² is kinda snobbish and pretentious. Might I suggest the word
³avant-garde² or ³transcendent²?


On 7/12/07 2:43 PM, "Monty Williams" <monty.williams at gemstone.com> wrote:

> How about changing "Out of Beta since 2002" to "Making Web Development Easier
> Since 2002"? 
>> > My only quibble is with the tag-line "Out of Beta since 2002".
>> > This doesn't seem like the most positive statement about Seaside.
>> > The maturity implied by the date is diminished by the "Out of Beta".
>> > I don't have an ideal replacement, but something along the lines of
>> > "Simplifying web development since 2002" or "Speeding web development
>> > since 2002" would leave a more positive impression.

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