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Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Fri Jul 13 12:42:44 UTC 2007

Ok but what a slogan is for? I see that it is for identification, to
evocation and, consequently to rememoration.

Technically we have to refactor the escence of the emotions of our *best*
moments with seaside and put it in maximum 3 or 4 simple words.

Perhaps before going directly to the slogan we should have some intermediate
points of consense about what the "Seaside experience" means to each one of

For me it represents the way that web development should allways have to be.
In other words before seaside web development did not exist (IMHO). It was
so caotic that barely could be named software development. Metaphorically:
it was just a result of the big bang of internet. Things are more settled
now in some 'planets' (frameworks) and life (live objects) are starting to
develop in this universe.

My feel is that Seaside succeeded in making web development to be felt a lot
like desktop development. This point of the "Seaside experience" is a key
because when newbies have their "aha moment" if their read or remember the
slogan (if it is good enough) it will sound like 'music for their ears'. I
mean, they will feel emotionally identified with it. 

In this regard the example of the slogan of scriptaculous is fantastically
accurate. Also the martial arts slogans like javascript-fu in allusion to
kung-fu are good for what they are meant because ofen you have to "fight
against" javascript to archieve what you want. So if your fu is good enough
you succeed with it. If not you will need more practice in the "dojo"
(another good marketing example). The aha moment of javascripters is
identifiable with a kind of computative kung-fu. A fight against an unhuman
syntax, etc.

By no mean I see this as the same scenario with Seaside. With Seaside I feel
I can create what I need painlessly. It makes me remember when as child I
played with lego like briks (components). Another situation like that is
making castles with sand at the beach. This was: "creation without pain". If
it is for you also, do you think this could/should be a key word to
influenciate the Seaside slogan?

I don't feel being heretic by using seaside. In that field at most I feel
being agnostic and feel that I don't let myself to be impressed by big
trends, other than Seaside, because I'm confident enough in what I see of
what can be archieved with it and in what I can archieve with it.

My conclusion of the least errorless kind of slogan by now is like "a beach
for web development" kind because this kind of slogan:

-evoke a pleasant creative experience (which is a key point of seaside and
smalltalk, so two thumbs up for this one)
-is non beligerant (which to me it seems to be pointless using that for this
-compatible with beach/sea theme (diverging from this will ensure
confusivness and trend debilitation)
-non negative evoker (you don't express the *escence of positive* by talking
of the escence of negative)
-non evoking feels of invading territory of other technologies (we don't
need that. Even being an open source product we should go to a blue ocean
not to a red one http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Ocean_Strategy)
-It don't falls in the too technician trap (that has the effect of excluding
-Its not coupled with the "html" word (beside being too much technician,
maybe in the future another protocol will arrise and seaside may still be
fine with it because protocol it's only a medium).
-Ditto for REST word (even I can't say if I completely understand it. By
using Seaside we hope people don't even have to know about what is that).

	So what about let's go once more time to iterate our emotions using
Seaside? Specially trying to remember the emotions of our (I'm sure lots of)
"aha" moments with it so we can try to 'serialize' them in (max) 3 words. 

	all the best,

Sebastian Sastre


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> How about "The Easy Road to the Agile Web"? (Alluding to 
> agile development.)
> Or "Archimedes' Lever to the Web"? (The power to move the world.)
> Or "The Fast Lane to HTTP"? (Suggesting rapid prototyping.)
> Or "The Elegant Web"? (Writing elegant applications for the web.)
> Or "The Avant-Garde Web"? (Cutting edge, vanguard 
> development. Seaside is
> rebellious.)
> Or "Sophisticated Web Creations"? (The artful way to create web apps.)
> Or "The Way of the Web Warrior"? (An allusion to martial arts.)
> Regards,
> Richard
> On 7/11/07 12:49 PM, "Sebastian Sastre" <ssastre at seaswork.com> wrote:
> > 1) The slogan is a little too technician and long for a "punch"
> > effect. It's too late to explore something more synthetic? 
> like (kind 
> > of result scriptaculous archieved creating it's slogan 
> "it's about the 
> > user interface, baby!")
> > 
> > Ideas to start a brainstorm for a more synthetic seaside slogan:
> > 
> > "Interactivity like a breeze" (breeze is kind of beach thing so 
> > compatible with the seaside style) "Web development like a breeze"
> > "Online applications like you wanted"
> > "Web complexity eased"
> > "Put HTML to work for you"
> > "Web interactivity made simple"
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