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Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Fri Jul 13 17:53:27 UTC 2007

Great words Ramon. I feel identified with what you said. After reading your
email I re-read your systetizer prhase: "Seaside is enlightenment come to
the web". That phrase represents very well this: 1) the factorization of all
the crap in web development 2) evoke the "aha" moment 3) subtlety and kindly
suggest that you will don't get it until you get it (because you have to
reach enlightment) 4) light (allways an useful thing to have) 5) the web
gives sense to all this 6) kindly criticize what does not matter (by
pointing what it does).

So if we transform your prhase into a slogan it could be something like:

"Enlight the web"
"Web enlightment has arrived"
"Enlighting the web"
"Web development enlightment"
"Iluminate development" 
"Web development enlighted" 

An inportant moment to open mind and chest to express the seaside experience
has arrived. Lets put our best experiences in words guys/girls!!


Sebastian Sastre
PS: the beach theme is not present explicitely but the star of the logo
could function like a link between beach and enlightment: if we use the
whole metaphore interpreting the sea as internet and Seaside as the star at
the beach, well star is also a source of light illuminating the beach, so I
think it has good chances to work.


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> > That's why I favour "the renegade web framework". Sounds less 
> > negative.
> > 
> > When devising a slogan, it is very important to pay 
> attention to the 
> > emotions (subtle or otherwise) that it evokes.
> > "Visceral impact" is everything!
> > 
> > Regards,
> > Richard
> Less negative to whom?  To a manager deciding whether to 
> allow it or not, I'd think that slogan does more harm than good.
> When I first started using Seaside, there was a "what the 
> fuck" reaction.
> Then came pain, as I realized all the crap I used to do felt hard.
> Then came the "Aha!", as I realized I didn't need to do all 
> that crap anymore.
> Then came the "Ahhhhhhhhhh......" as I settled down and 
> realized what a pleasure it write applications with real 
> components, that were actually composeable, in a framework 
> that unlike all the rest, was truly object oriented.  Object 
> oriented in the Smalltalk sense, the only language that 
> actually knows what Object Oriented really means.  For the 
> most part, that meant no more cookies, no more query strings, 
> no more templates, and no more pages, just components calling 
> components.
> Then I quit my corporate job and moved to a smaller company 
> for less pay that would allow me to use the technology of my 
> choosing rather than force me to work with established tools. 
>  Best decision I've ever made, I've never been happier with work.
> Seaside isn't a renegade web framework, it's a Zen web 
> framework for those tired of the suffering imposed upon us by 
> standard web development.  Seaside is enlightenment come to the web.  
> Seaside is to manual state management what garbage collectors 
> were to manual memory management.  Many scream foul, others 
> scream about scalability or speed, but history repeats 
> itself, and just as before, automation and ease of use are 
> king, and computers keep getting faster.  Those who don't get 
> on board will simply be displaced by those who do.
> Ramon Leon
> http://onsmalltalk.com
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