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Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Sat Jul 14 11:57:28 UTC 2007

Beside Ajax the cleaning products trend, being too much technician excludes
people. It can be used as last resource and as a compromise solution. In the
other hand with that slogan I imagine a framework that does more what
Prototype does than what Seaside does. 
IMHO Ajax also should exist years ago and it's not even complete. It lacks
of a leg: the server initiative messages that comet unsafely workarrounds
todays. I'm sure some kind of ajax 2.0 that requires the next generation of
html will solve this lack. Thats protocol nothing to do with seaside. And
it's transident (ephimeral) marketing. My guess is that ajax is the wave now
like xhtml in 1998 but in short time will be vulgar (if not now) and people
will only accept if it dominates ajax but start to be kind of tired of
hearing ajax everywhere. I'm sure Seaside don't need and should not deserve
this heritage because it dominates ajax "from above".
It's not my favorite but it came to my mind yesterday night so just for the
record I saw this express a little of it and paraphrasing scriptaculous
slogan(which I don't think is all that good):
    "It's about web components baby!"
The prhase is emotionally encouraging, positive, simple, non technical and
gives a glimpse of the seaside experience developing the web with components
(aka objects)
Now paraphrasing your idea we could have:
    "The Zen of web components"
Sebastian Sastre



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Somebody mentioned the Zen-like experience of using Seaside. This reminded
me of the book, "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance". I came up with
"The Zen of web development", but it lacked punch.
So how about "The Zen of Ajax"?
Or "Zen and the Art of Ajax"? (I really like this one, but is it too close
to the book title?)

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