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> "Sebastian Sastre" said:
> >
> > "Enlight the web"
> > "Web enlightment has arrived"
> > "Enlighting the web"
> > "Web development enlightment"
> > "Iluminate development"
> > "Web development enlighted"
> >
> > An inportant moment to open mind and chest to express the seaside 
> > experience has arrived. Lets put our best experiences in 
> words guys/girls!!
> >
> That's a nice theme. How about "seaside - for enlightened web 
> development"?
I feel it's tempting. I was thinking on those options too. But, witouth
rationalizing, what do you think people will feel with a prhase like this?
They will feel attracted? Their curiosity will be waked up? Or they will
feel like scared little birds? I ask this because I think lot of people will
*think* they are not prepared for *enlightening*. If that is the case (most
people feeling like that) we should search for something that wake up
curiosity but at the same time don't produce this "scaring little birds
effect". Our quest is refining !

> It might be worth adding a "mission statement" as well, as 
> there's nothing else on the page that tells you what seaside 
> actually is! How about the words from Wikipedia - "Seaside is 
> a free and open source web application framework for 
> developing web applications in Smalltalk."
I can't talk for others but I imagine that at some point it will be
necessary it's only that I don't see this as the number 1 priority today.

> One point about the new design - if someone does come to the 
> site with only a vague idea what seaside is about, the most 
> useful link (to the "About" overview page) is waaay down at 
> the bottom of the page - could this link be added as the 
> first link in the "About" section? (Maybe renamed 
> Introduction rather than have the rather recursive "About -
> about"!)

+1. Very good observation.


> Cheers,
> Michael
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