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Martial Boniou Martial.Boniou at ifrance.com
Tue Jul 17 12:10:08 UTC 2007

Hi all,

Yesterday I thought a little about everything that could make a more
efficient message/slogan for the seaside website (awaiting the ad: "Seen
On TV")...

It's just my 2 cents and I am not a native english speaker. Part of
feelings, part of knowledge, I made a light pdf on a web reposit showing
my instant ideas about two slogans (excuse me for the bad presentation,
I did this quickly):


Have a look at this! I hope my english is quite correct. It's pure
brainstorm according the previous thoughts of Cédrick, Ramon and

My final slogan for Seaside is:
"Free your mind... Give your web a conscience!"

I think it's not too bad idea. How does that grab you? 
"Free your mind": with the easy development tools with a high level
abstraction, I free my mind of javascript, htmtl, xml... and I just
build a web site with components. With this reusability, I can start 
from low level parts or high end tools like Pier; I can build it like
my child using Lego pieces.
"Give your web a concscience!": not only because of the living aspect of
smalltalk, the seaside web architecture got a kind of conscience, every
link is dynamically created and maintained by the server which records
states of sessions like myself, I remember what I said before to give
my thoughts a consistency. With Seaside, it's the WWW of Frankenstein (more 
Edward scissorhands indeed...). 

I like the idea of a contest between the seaside users.



Cdrick Bler a écrit :
| Hi, here are my 2 cents...
| It's about holidays, seaside, sun, relaxation.... Of course, it's about 
| web dev but web dev is a bit redundant and heavy... and web isn't 
| enough... (enlight the web... = sort of flash ?).
| Anyway here are my thoughts:
| ----
| Take a break, fresh your web dev experience...
| Relax, take it* easy...  (*web dev)       
| Enlight your web development experience...
| Give web dev some holidays... /  Bring web dev in holidays...
| Sit down and enjoy the beauty... (melody?)
| Sit down and enjoy the sun*... :)   (* we mean the genuine one)
| -----
| I like to put an asterisk in the slogan. It could be the sea star and 
| may avoid to put web dev in it... Also, we could use it to report what 
| is web development a la seaside, by components...
| Cédrick
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