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Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Tue Jul 17 15:34:20 UTC 2007

(it's kind of long but useful to reflect)

For some reason I'm unable to open your PDF. Two messages for one slogan
will be too much one message takes strengh to the other making both weaker
(to remember among other things). I think we can get only the escencial part
of your proposal: the first one, because the second is trivially
contextualized by the simple fact of starting to use seaside. That
guarantees you will know that is for web dev and note that it's not
guaranteed that a curious person will try it with an open mind. 

By mentioning it *in the slogan* we are passing the message of: "Who know
the technology concluded that having a "free mind" have the importance of
being in the slogan for using Seaside".

Dam! it's so simple that delights! I think we had here something that could
really pass a message that we need to pass. The "Free your mind..." does the
job, that is an abolutely key thing, simple, short, positive, affirmative,
intellectual but also use emotion subtletly and that everybody can
understand all at the same time!!! Wow ! This really could work!

See this metaphore we can construct with all this: picture the ocean, big,
alive, enviromental, it's a whole system with it's beauty and it's dangers.
Now at the beach is you (any actor: users, developers, managers and
investors) with the chance of using a technology that is the key of that
freedom (all stakeholders love freedom) a freedom big as the ocean because
this is internet applications development freedom. Now the Seaside is that
door. The free your mind thing will also be suggested graphically by
pictures of beauty oceans (an open mind can be beauty and big and free as an
ocean). So qe have a case here in wich also the marketing trend is

And if we think well, in practice, when users will develop with it they will
need open- mindness as kind of requeriment to embrace such a different

People usually react with neophobia and scares the new (even tecno people
can be like this) but the prhase is informative and gentle at that regard
(and at the same time!). Emotionally sounds to me kind of gently (note that
is not agresively) encouraging even if it's a lot different to what I
previously know. This is very important because, as we saw with Ramon Leon
experience, people who choose Seaside can change significatively it's
lifestyle by embracing Seaside. There will be people that will be willing to
embrace the costs of that change and that will not. So not being aggressive
at that point guarantees transparency of our part because our attitude is
informative and not manipulative.

If a new user that came from java ruby or whatever, with the stories that
he/she will hear about seaside this person will be gaining willingness to
embrace Seaside even if it's so different and the slogan will "protect" that
willingness when the individual have difficulties (to keep open-mindness to
Seaside and Smalltalk itself). So it suggest kindly to the person that
should be persistently willing to the new which we know is good but they
will not for a while. A while, that will have the duration that they need to
experiment enough "aha" effects. Effects which are pragmatically guaranteed
by using Smalltalk for enough time.

I give two thumbs up stand up with claps and shouting "bravo!" to this:

				"Free your mind..."

	all the best,

Sebastian Sastre
PS: I'm still amazed with the possibility using all this information with
such a precise message in 3 easily understandable words!

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> Hi all,
> Yesterday I thought a little about everything that could make 
> a more efficient message/slogan for the seaside website 
> (awaiting the ad: "Seen On TV")...
> It's just my 2 cents and I am not a native english speaker. 
> Part of feelings, part of knowledge, I made a light pdf on a 
> web reposit showing my instant ideas about two slogans 
> (excuse me for the bad presentation, I did this quickly):
> http://hondana.net/Resources/Texts/Printables/ST/seaside.pdf
> Have a look at this! I hope my english is quite correct. It's 
> pure brainstorm according the previous thoughts of Cédrick, 
> Ramon and Sébastien...
> My final slogan for Seaside is:
> "Free your mind... Give your web a conscience!"
> I think it's not too bad idea. How does that grab you? 
> "Free your mind": with the easy development tools with a high 
> level abstraction, I free my mind of javascript, htmtl, 
> xml... and I just build a web site with components. With this 
> reusability, I can start from low level parts or high end 
> tools like Pier; I can build it like my child using Lego pieces.
> "Give your web a concscience!": not only because of the 
> living aspect of smalltalk, the seaside web architecture got 
> a kind of conscience, every link is dynamically created and 
> maintained by the server which records states of sessions 
> like myself, I remember what I said before to give my 
> thoughts a consistency. With Seaside, it's the WWW of 
> Frankenstein (more Edward scissorhands indeed...). 
> I like the idea of a contest between the seaside users.
> Regards,
> --
> Martial
> Cdrick Bler a écrit :
> | Hi, here are my 2 cents...
> | 
> | It's about holidays, seaside, sun, relaxation.... Of course, it's 
> | about web dev but web dev is a bit redundant and heavy... and web 
> | isn't enough... (enlight the web... = sort of flash ?).
> | 
> | Anyway here are my thoughts:
> | 
> | ----
> | Take a break, fresh your web dev experience...
> | 
> | Relax, take it* easy...  (*web dev)       
> | Enlight your web development experience...
> | Give web dev some holidays... /  Bring web dev in holidays...
> | 
> | Sit down and enjoy the beauty... (melody?)
> | Sit down and enjoy the sun*... :)   (* we mean the genuine one)
> | 
> | -----
> | 
> | I like to put an asterisk in the slogan. It could be the 
> sea star and 
> | may avoid to put web dev in it... Also, we could use it to 
> report what 
> | is web development a la seaside, by components...
> | 
> | Cédrick
> | 
> | 
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