[Seaside] updateRoot: Weirdness

Richard Eng richard.eng at rogers.com
Wed Jul 18 04:43:31 UTC 2007

This is totally INSANE!!! No matter what I do, I can¹t get stylesheets to
work in Seaside.

I even went back to the bare basics...

* I took a fresh copy of Squeak 3.9
* I put a fresh copy of Damien¹s Seaside 2.7 image into the Squeak directory
* I put the CSS files colour.css and styles.css into the same directory
(putting it in the root for simplicity)
* I subclass WAComponent to create GSTemplate
* I create class method #canBeRoot: for GSTemplate
* I create #updateRoot:
super updateRoot: aRoot.
aRoot linkToStyle: Œ/colour.css¹.
aRoot linkToStyle: Œ/styles.css¹
* I create some HTML in #renderContentOn:
* In Seaside config, I create application ³NewApp² using GSTemplate

I ought to see the HTML rendered according to the specified stylesheets.
What could be simpler?

But it doesn¹t work!

And it worked in my original development image! For the life of me, I can¹t
see ANY difference between the original image and this one. What the hell is
going on???


On 7/17/07 6:15 PM, "Richard K Eng" <richard.eng at rogers.com> wrote:

> Okay, in my Seaside 2.7 development image, I used updateRoot: to get my app to
> use CSS files in a particular location (using linkToStyle:). This works fine.
> But now I'm trying to create a fresh image and the updateRoot: method is no
> longer having the intended effect--the CSS files are ignored. I must've
> "accidentally" got it working in the original image.
> So the question is: How do I correctly apply updateRoot: to get my app to use
> CSS files?
> Thanks,
> Richard

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