[Seaside] addToStartUpList:after: and addToShutDownList: on SeasidePlatformSupport

Michael Lucas-Smith mlucas-smith at cincom.com
Wed Jul 18 06:48:03 UTC 2007

Thanks for the tip.

Michel Bany wrote:
> On 18 Jul 2007, at 08:01 , Michael Lucas-Smith wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> There's addToStartUpList:after: in SeasidePlatformSupport so that 
>> this method can perform different on different dialects. I've noticed 
>> that WAKom and WAListener call this method directly on Smalltalk 
>> while the rest of the code uses SeasidePlatformSupport.
>> As well as that, addToShutDownList: doesn't exist on 
>> SeasidePlatformSupport yet and so it is also called on Smalltalk.
>> Could this be changed so that SeasidePlatformSupport is used 
>> consistently and addToShutDownList: is added to SeasidePlatformSupport ?
> Hi Michael,
> Some portions of the Seaside package are excluded from the port to 
> VisualWorks. This includes WAKom and WAListener. Those things that are 
> excluded from the port do not need the extra effort of using 
> SeasidePlatformSupport, that's why they send their messages directly 
> to Smalltalk. As far as I know, none of the ported portions of Seaside 
> sends #addToShutDownList:, that's why this doesn't need an 
> implementation in SeasidePlatformSupport.
> Method #addToStartUpList:after: is no longer sent in the ported 
> portions of Seaside. This method has now been removed from Squeak but 
> not yet in Seaside. This is dead wood.
> The rules for deciding what gets ported to VisualWorks and what 
> doesn't are implemented by SeasideVWInfo and its superclasses. 
> Basically, all classes from class category Seaside-Platform are 
> excluded, all **extension** methods that include "-squeak" in their 
> method category are excluded.
> HTH,
> Michel.

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