[Seaside] updateRoot: Weirdness

David Shaffer cdshaffer at acm.org
Wed Jul 18 14:31:33 UTC 2007

Richard K Eng wrote:
> Seems like the configuring of the web server is very arcane and 
> touchy! I'm going to have the above emblazoned on my forehead...  :-)
> Regards,
> Richard

Yes, the Comanche web server is a pain.  After having spent the time to 
figure it out I like it and hate it at the same time ;-)  BTW, all of 
those examples refer directly to WAKom.  You probably want 
WAKomEncoded39 if you're working in a Squeak3.9 image.

Most Seaside beginners who've had web experience like the idea of having 
static resources on their file system but many seasoned Seasiders seem 
to use WAFileLibrary to serve static resources during development.  
There are examples in the image...probably wouldn't take you long to 
figure it out.  This avoids having to know anything about Comanche and 
has the advantage(?) of having all of your "static" resources in your 
Smalltalk image.  That way your static resources get versioned in 
Monticello along with your Smalltalk code.

For deployment most people use a front end web server to serve static 
files.  There was a blog post somewhere which showed a pretty nifty 
apache hack which automatically "cached" (for lack of a better word) 
file library resources.  In any case using file library makes deployment 
a bit more complicated.  I've used the "static resources on the file 
system" for all of my projects sans one and I think I still prefer it 
simply for the ease of deployment.  Maybe this can be solved?


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