[Seaside] [ANN] new Seaside homepage

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 17:18:59 UTC 2007

Thanks for profiling. Well have a look at it. We also noticed an
usually high load time for the front page. We suspect that the feed
aggregator plugin contributes to this.


2007/7/18, Stuart Herring <st-lists at stuartherring.com>:
> Slogans aside, the biggest issue for me with the new site - and one
> that could give quite a bad first impression - is something that can
> be seen here: http://stuartherring.net/seaside-profile.png
> 16.5 seconds to load - and that's with ADSL2+
> That wouldn't be so bad if it were just images loading - but the
> images only take a couple of seconds and happen pretty much all at
> once after the page has finally displayed.  The biggest killer is all
> the header objects - the page will not render at all until those are
> loaded, and the browser serializes the requests.
> That would be bad enough, but is compounded by the fact that because
> I'm in Australia, _every_ request  has a 200 - 400ms roundtrip (a
> direct round trip to the other side of the world and back will take
> 133ms at the speed of light , not counting the overhead of the network
> equipment at each hop)
> There are 11 javascript and css objects in the header, so that means a
> _minimum_ of 2.2 seconds to have anything at all display, assuming
> perfect conditions and objects less than 4k each (so they'll fit in a
> single packet).  The worst thing about that is it doesn't matter how
> fast my internet connection is, 56k or 100Mb, I'll still have to stare
> at a blank page for at least 2.2 seconds.
> Compare with the Rails page: http://stuartherring.net/ror-profile.png
> - still far from instant, but much better, and due to the fact that
> there's only one object included from the <head> section, actually has
> something on the screen in less than a second.
> Some things that could be done to improve it:
> * Merge all the CSS into a single file.
> * Merge all the javascript into a single file.
> * Maybe load the javascript from the <body>?  I don't know whether or
> not that's a good idea, but the RoR site does it, and it certainly
> improves the time between blank page and first rendered content.
> * Enable mod_gzip on Apache - that should take care of the huge size
> of the javascript.
> I believe that if those can be done, I should be able to go to
> seaside.st with an empty cache and see something in no more than half
> a second, with page completely loading in around 5 seconds.
> Another comparison -
> seaside.st: http://www.websiteoptimization.com/services/analyze/wso.php?url=http://www.seaside.st/
> rubyonrails.com:
> http://www.websiteoptimization.com/services/analyze/wso.php?url=http://www.rubyonrails.com/
> These issues will also largely affect any out-of-the-box Seaside and
> Scriptaculous deployments , so if you do manage to improve it, it
> would probably be worthwhile adding a FAQ on how to fly to the
> Seaside, rather than walking ;)
> Regards,
> Stuart.
> On 7/11/07, Philippe Marschall <philippe.marschall at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > After too many delays the new Seaside homepage [1] has finally gone
> > online. Since we switched hosts it might take a moment until the DNS
> > update propagates to you. The first thing you'll notice is the updated
> > look for which we no longer have to excuse. We cleaned up the content
> > and added a lot of new stuff. Among others you'll find interactive
> > examples, feed aggregation Monticello commit logs and the answers to
> > often asked questions like 'What is the best Swiss cheese?'. Under the
> > hood we made a lot of technology upgrades. We finally run on Seaside
> > (2.8) and the Pier CMS with several plug-ins, we are also hosted at
> > Seaside-Hosting [2]. The only way to eat more dog food would be
> > running on SqueakNOS.
> >
> > The page is not yet fully finished (and probably never will be) but we
> > feel we're at the point where it's significantly better than the old
> > one. So if you have suggestions for improvements or want to help get
> > in contact with us.
> >
> > Cheers
> > Lukas
> > Philippe
> >
> > [1] http://www.seaside.st
> > [2] http://www.seasidehosting.st/
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