[Seaside] was Feedback -> sample ideas

elni elni at freenet.de
Wed Jul 18 19:24:50 UTC 2007

>Thanks for your feedback.  I can agree with most of your points. If you have any ideas for more examples like counter, bring'em on.

Sure Philippe. Ok, so everything is done for with purpose, right? The purpose of the counter sample was to show how clever seaside deals with states and that it is all there for free. Great. But why Rails (and others) are doing this 'blog in 5 minutes' thing is to show people how easy it is to build real world apps with it. People might find it easier and more interesting if they know that they will have a working application afterwards that they can use right away. Maybe something they already experienced as a user or even already developed in a different framework.

This could be a chat, another blog, a localized mini cms-system or something that links together existing sources via webservices a la "look for a product at amazon and see if it´s available on Flickr".

The main reason to look at Seaside will be to "get things done better/cheaper/faster" and having screendemos that actually prove this will very likely attract more people. As I said, I think it is very important to have a complete bundle that also includes an ActiveRecord-Style approach (or maybe even something superior, I dunno).

Something else that would really set Seaside apart from Rails is if it could handle multiple existing Databases. Maybe I ask a bit too much here but I am just writing down my first ideas.


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