[Seaside] Seaside only for "pros"?

elni elni at freenet.de
Wed Jul 18 19:44:40 UTC 2007

>There's nothing elitist about recognizing the simple truth that beginners
>and experienced programmers want different things from a framework and
>targeting both is very difficult.

Actually I don´t think it is THAT difficult. Everyone wants to have good
time writing software and wants to produce code structures that are stable
and to what's intended. Newbies just don´t have a clue how to do it. I think
both experts and beginners would admire a framework that is logical in
itself and has a layout that enforces some basic principles that help
beginners to go the right way building an app and experts to do things
faster. At least I, for myself, don´t fall in love with a framework because
it is a pro-framework but only if it "feels" good to work with every day.
Take a look at SubSonic for example. It is dead simple, also uses convention
over config and it is so damn easy to produce high quality code with it.
There are tons of .NET ORM Mappers on the market that generate tons of
expert classes, have GUIs and templates but still the only one that works
right out of the box and is pure fun to work with is SubSonic.

>Convention over configuration is nice, if you agree with the conventions,
>but I'd rather work in a framework like Seaside that allows me to develop
>and use my own conventions, and more importantly, gives me the ability to
>reuse them in every project because it has *real* components.

But Convention over Configuration is not about "Go this way or go away". It
just gives you what you need in 80% of your projects. If you need something
different THAN you start configuring. So that is a big difference for me.

All the best,

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