[Seaside] Change CSS of SUInplaceEditor

Rajeev Lochan lochan94 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 21:45:15 UTC 2007

Dear Seasiders,

How does one change the looks of an InPlaceEditor.
I need to accomplish the following tasks.

1)Change Ok button and Cancel Link with Buttons with Image(say image with
'tick' sign for OK and image with 'X' for cancel)
2)The Buttons with Image should be visible all the time, irrespective of
user clicking on the form to edit.

I see formID: and formClass: methods in SUInPlaceEditor, do I have to use
them somehow ?

I am using scriptaculous-lr-178 and Seaside 2.7a1-mb-210 (Damien's web

Thanks & Regards,

Rajeev Lochan

Co-founder, AR-CAD.com

+91 9243468076 (Bangalore)
080 65355873
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