[Seaside] updateRoot: Weirdness

David Shaffer cdshaffer at acm.org
Thu Jul 19 02:22:49 UTC 2007

Keith Hodges wrote:
> I don't think that  everyone is interested in being an expert at 
> configuring wierdo linux technologies. I myself have no intention of 
> ever having to write apache rewrite rules. If I ever have to then I 
> figure something is wrong.
Of course.  I'm sure your rant isn't directed at me but I'd like to 
point out that often times these weirdo technologies are the best 
solutions for the problem.  You're right that not /everyone/  is 
interested in them.

Anyway, my reasoning was kind of linear...you should store static 
content on the file system because ultimately you'll be using apache to 
serve it anyway.  Yours was different...you should store static content 
on the file system because the tools you use to manage this content are 
file-based.  In either case we agree on result.

What we need is a solution that makes it easy for beginners to serve 
static content through Squeak (from the image and/or file system, 
doesn't matter) and to switch to a front-end web server if/when the need 
presents itself.   FWIW I also tried to get a solution to this problem 
into the base distro.  WAKom class>>startOn:servingFilesFrom: configured 
Comanche, not Seaside, to serve files from your selected directory but 
it was dropped...twice.  Based on discussions with Lukas I believe that 
he is determined to see the in-image file library concept adopted by 
beginners but I think it has many pitfalls (of which you cited a few).  
Maybe this will be the beginning of a larger discussion on this 
topic?...now that several of us are clearly interested in improving the 

BTW, serving static content is my #1 FAQ in personal e-mails from new 
Seaside developers.  URL mapping is #2.


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