[Seaside] updateRoot: Weirdness

David Shaffer cdshaffer at acm.org
Thu Jul 19 16:09:36 UTC 2007

Philippe Marschall wrote:
> Because you code had several issues including not working after saving
> the image.
> Philippe

Possibly although it works fine for me.  This was never brought up in
any discussions of this method (or I would have fixed it).  The
rationale given to me by Lukas is attached below just to prove my
point.  Also note that Lukas agreed to keep the method.  If I really
wanted to push this point I would have back when you removed it.  To be
frank my position is simple: I make money writing Seaside applications
and you guys do a good job moving Seaside forward.  I have my own
distribution with my own extensions so your whims are of no consequence
to me.  Still, the larger community has spoken about their needs in
terms of serving static contents (mostly from the file system, it
seems).  It might be that we simply need to support an effort like
Sandcastle and/or Jetsam, from what I've read about them, and make them
more visible to the Seaside beginner community.  What Keith pointed out,
though, is that it is a shame to have to go this route for such a simple
bit of functionality.


-----(this e-mail was to Stef Ducasse and CC-ed to me regarding my
addition of WAKom class>>startOn:servingFilesFrom:)-----

> Hi Stef,
>> I think that the audience of david is different than yours and 
>> serving large flash or photoshop image by newbie that do not
>> know well apache is something that we cannot push on them. We are 
>> writing a book for beginners and we should take that
>> into account. Not everybody is an apache expert. I'm not for example. 
>> Still it may make sense to me to be able to serve large files that 
>> are not in the image.
> certainly it makes sense, but Seaside is not about serving static 
> files. Kom itself doesn't do that any better. So why using a 
> complicated solution (that has no use in practice) when a simple one 
> (that has no use either, but is simple and works well for prototyping) 
> would do as well?
>> So did I understand correctly that we will have to create our own 
>> distribution because you will not add the method I asked
>> david to do to hide some ugly parts of his setup to serve file?
> I don't mind to add a single method, but we try to keep Seaside as 
> clean and independent of the underlying architecture as possible. The 
> code used to serve files does not follow the idea of Seaside (and 
> Smalltalk in general) and does not work together with anything else 
> than WAKom on Squeak (there are two other ones available in Squeak, 
> VisualWorks/Dolphin uses a different Web server).
> Cheers,
> Lukas
> -- 
> Lukas Renggli
> http://www.lukas-renggli.ch

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