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Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 18:48:56 UTC 2007

2007/7/19, David Shaffer <cdshaffer at acm.org>:
> Richard Eng wrote:
> > I share your sentiments. While the "purity" of Seaside is a noble objective,
> > it should be more a guideline than a strict edict. Seaside should be more
> > flexible in meeting the diverse needs of web development, because we all
> > know that the *real* world of the web is not neat and tidy. It is messy and
> > terribly makeshift. And it is NOT the job of Seaside to bring order to the
> > world of web development. So, yes, let's have *easy* and *convenient*
> > support for file serving. If you don't make allowance for developer
> > convenience, you will unfairly limit Seaside's appeal.
> >
> > Note that this isn't the same thing as "dumbing down" Seaside. I'm saying we
> > have to recognize the pragmatic realities of the web environment and
> > infrastructure, and not cocoon ourselves within an artificially pure,
> > enclosed world.
> >
> > Richard
> >
> Richard,
> I think that there is more than one way to skin this cat, as they say.
> If the core Seaside developers are avoiding code which serves static
> content from the file system we can always produce a package which adds
> those capabilities.  If it becomes part of:
> 1) the squeak-web distribution
> 2) a aptly named package Universe
> 3) an easily identifiable package on SqueakMap
> then people who are new to Squeak can be pointed to an easy way to get
> started in the Squeak/Comanche world.  Keith has proposed Jetsam as a
> home for odds and ends that Lukas and Philippe have rejected.  I have a
> different vision of things but I think Keith has gotten the ball rolling
> and we should help push it along. If we botch it then I'm sure the
> community will speak up :-)

Attached you will find FilesystemLink

What does it do:
Make a certain entry point point to a certain place on the file
system. Very simple, very inefficient, very inflexible, very untested,
very immature, very "reinvent-the-wheel". But half way portable to
different dialects and webservers and integrates nicely into the
Seaside environment without a single code change. So you're not forced
to use Squeak and Kom.

How does it work?
- go to /seaside/config
- add an entry point of type Filesystem Link
- enter the directory to which the
- save
- go to your entry point

Given all these issues I'd be surprised if anyone seriously considers
using this. It's more proof on concept what an acceptable file serving
solution for Seaside might look like once it has matured and acquired
enough users and we agree that this in needed for Seaside.

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