[Seaside] another reason Rails gets market share andSeasidedoesn't

Jason Johnson jbjohns at libsource.com
Fri Jul 20 08:15:28 UTC 2007

Ramon Leon wrote:
> Maybe not, but if you aren't pretty good with OO, Smalltalk really isn't the
> language you want to be in.

I have agreed with most of what you have said, but this I strongly 
disagree with.  If you don't know OO (and want to learn) then Smalltalk 
is *exactly* what you need to learn.  We shouldn't tell people that if 
they want to learn OO they need to go to mainstream languages with bad 
OO implementations (e.g. Java, C++, etc.).  
http://learningtotalk.blogspot.com is a good blog where a game designer 
documents getting into Smalltalk and all the OO "knowledge" he had to 
unlearn.  People who want to learn OO should start out right here with 
the best and most obvious OO language.

> I have to disagree, if I shared those aspirations, I'd use Rails.  Seaside
> is targeting a different market than Rails, and it's doing pretty well as
> is.  The community only needs to be large enough to ensure its survival, it
> hardly needs to conquer the world.  Bringing a framework to the *masses*
> would involve dumbing it down, something I'd rather not see.

In this part I am torn.  Part of me knows that Smalltalk/Seaside 
*deserves* to be the most used language out there.  But the other part 
of me realizes if that ever happened, then about the only opportunies we 
as software developers would have would be joining some huge company and 
churning out boring code.  I would much rather have my own business, and 
having a language that is much faster to develop in then what everyone 
else is using creates that possibility.  So that part of me hopes people 
continue developing in Java. :)

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