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2007/7/20, elni <elni at freenet.de>:
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> >You see, I'm not going to write ActiveRecord::Cool in the next few months. Especially since there are already at least two O/R mappers around and there is no consensus >whether RDBS or OODBS are the way to go. But I can get changes to the homepage done, write examples and maybe even get a package on the homepage that besides an up to date >image also includes a VM. We certainly could also link to tutorials for GLROP or Magma.
> But that is exactly what I meant. Why reinvent the wheel? But beginners just don´t know about Glorp. After they eventually discovered it, they learn that there is no user documentation available. There is little guidance on how to interface Glorp with Seaside. So it would be great to link Seaside and Glorp and provide real world apps that use this combo. Don´t even bother to sit down and write tutorials but rather go ahead and produce some videos that show the developer-screen as he/she goes along building a sample app. Humans are literally made for picking up techniques from visual context and it is also less work than having to write it all down.

IMHO that's the responsibility of the Glrop team. I hope this will be
fixed by Cincom as part of their new Seaside strategy.


> That way it will be much easier for newbies to pick up with Seaside. By the way, I don´t see 'newbie' as novice developers but as all the people who get it in contact with Seaside/Smalltalk for the first time.
> The essence:
> - Make it transparent to the user that Smalltalk has a set of flavors/implementations and that Squeak is the open-source alternative
>         -> Link to all ports/projects as they become available
> - Make a composite Squeak image that contains everything that is needed to run Squeak/Seaside/Glorp apps
>         -> Provide information about the standard settings for connecting to popular databases
> - Produce video tutorials that demonstrate the power behind this combination
> Just my 2 cents,
> Elmar
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