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Sun Jul 22 01:22:19 UTC 2007

Hi Blake, it's GREAT to hear that someone is starting to do some research
for a forthcoming book about Seaside.  Anyway, I'll keep this short and
sweet. I think a very good example would be to follow a structure similar to
"Agile Web Development with Rails 2ed" by Dave Thomas et al.  Thus, I would
be interested in seeing the following in the table of contents:
1 Introduction

Part I

2 The Architecture of Seaside Applications

3    Installing Seaside
3.1 Squeak Smalltalk
3.2 VisualWorks Smalltalk
3.3 Seaside and Databases
3.4 Keeping Up-to-Date
3.5 Pre-Deploymnent Information

4 My First Seaside Application
Note:  This chapter should be devoted to getting an application up and
running.  Thus, there will be one or more subsections as needed.

Part II - Building an Application

Note:  The chapters and associated sections within Part II should be devoted
to design and implementing an entire dynamic web application from beginning
to end.  For example, a better MySpace would be GREAT to see but I leave
this up to you.

Part III - Seaside Framework

Note:  The chapters and associated sections within Part III should be
devoted to learning the ins and out of the Seaside Framework (i.e. detailed
reference with examples).  Furthermore, it should cover all of the major
pieces in separate chapters and associated subsections.

Part IV - Security and Deployment of Seaside Application

Note:  The title says it all but I think here is wear you'll step the novice
reader through a pseudo-script. Then you'll step the user through the actual
deployment of the application that they built in Part II.

Part V - Appendices

A Introduction to Smalltalk

B Other appendices can be added as needed

Lastly, this is just a suggestion and it worked when I first read the agile
book.  Also, you might find it feasible to move the appendix on
"Introduction to Smalltalk" to the chapter after installation but I feel
that the goal of the book is about Seaside.  Thus, I feel that it's
appropriate in the appendix.  Just something to think about.  Also, I would
be very interested in assisting in the book's structure, implementation, and
code testing.  Well, I must go and I wish you all the best.

Good luck,


On 7/21/07, Blake <blake at kingdomrpg.com> wrote:
> Hey, guys,
>         I'm creating an outline and some samples for a Seaside book and am
> wondering: Should I concern myself with Visual Works? That is to say: If I
> base the book on Squeak, I know everyone can get it for free but at the
> same time, some may choose VW over Squeak for their work.
>         How much accomodation should I make for VW? Obviously, I'll want
> to check
> over the examples in VW and make sure they work, but apart from that?
>         ===Blake===
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