[Seaside] Changing the default resources directory

Carl Gundel carlg at libertybasic.com
Sun Jul 22 04:03:32 UTC 2007


Your suggestion below worked for me with Seaside v2.6, but not with v2.7. 
Even though I change the path in the prescribed way (manually changing the 
configParameters) it still tries to get the file from the old path, and if I 
try to change the home directory from the Web Toolkit web interface Seaside 
just breaks.  This is what I saw after setting the path to be '.' using the 
web interface.  I have to reboot my image to recover.  Any ideas?

Unhandled exception: ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND 
FileErrorHolder class(OSErrorHolder class)>>reportProceedingOn:
optimized [] in OSErrorHolder class>>initializeErrorActions
optimized [] in VisualWave.WebSiteFile>>handleFileRequest


> From: Michel Bany <m.bany at wanadoo.fr>
> Carl Gundel a écrit :
>>By default when I display PNG images from my Seaside application I find 
>>I must put my files into the VisualWorks web\examples directory.  Is there
>>any way to change this to some other location?
> During Seaside install, a "seaside" site is created (unless you declined).
> This sample site is configured to use web\examples as its "home" 
> directory.
> You can change this "home" directort using the /configure page.
> You can also change it programatically.
>    (VisualWave.WebSite siteNamed: 'seaside')
>        configParameters at: 'directory' put: 'yourpath'.
> You can also create a completely new site using an *.ini file
> not necessarily named 'seaside' as explained in the documentation.
> You just need to make sure that the urls drive the SeasideServlet servlet.

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