[Seaside] Seaside book

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Sun Jul 22 06:13:45 UTC 2007

May be we should sync since david, rick and me have been working on a  
seaside book: getting starting with Seaside.
Because it would be nice to have a advanced seaside follow up. We  
were planning (argh) to get a draft public version for the end of
the summer (re arg). But may be this is the time to kick us and put  
it public. We will discuss between us to see.


On 22 juil. 07, at 00:09, Blake wrote:

> Hey, guys,
> 	I'm creating an outline and some samples for a Seaside book and am  
> wondering: Should I concern myself with Visual Works? That is to  
> say: If I base the book on Squeak, I know everyone can get it for  
> free but at the same time, some may choose VW over Squeak for their  
> work.
> 	How much accomodation should I make for VW? Obviously, I'll want  
> to check over the examples in VW and make sure they work, but apart  
> from that?
> 	===Blake===
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