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Boris Popov boris at deepcovelabs.com
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Except GemStone in this context is way more than just a database, its also the execution platform for seaside itself so would have to be accounted for throughout IMHO.


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Hi James, I agree with you 100% addressing all the versions of Smalltalk.  However, I would save Gemstone/S for the database integration parts of the book but Dolphin Smalltalk would added to the installation parts of the book.  Anyway, in the outline that I proposed, I assumed that the reader had 
programming proficiency but I added the "Introduction to Smalltalk" appendix for people that do not.
It would be GREAT to incorporate something like this in the forthcoming books on Seaside.


On 7/22/07, James Foster <Smalltalk at jgfoster.net <mailto:Smalltalk at jgfoster.net> > wrote:

	I believe that all dialects of Smalltalk that support Seaside (you left
	out Dolphin and GemStone) have a no-cost edition. It seems that 
	addressing each of these alternatives would be valuable.
	Blake wrote:
	> Hey, guys,
	>     I'm creating an outline and some samples for a Seaside book and am
	> wondering: Should I concern myself with Visual Works? That is to say: 
	> If I base the book on Squeak, I know everyone can get it for free but
	> at the same time, some may choose VW over Squeak for their work.
	>     How much accomodation should I make for VW? Obviously, I'll want 
	> to check over the examples in VW and make sure they work, but apart
	> from that?
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