[Seaside] Application null rendering

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Mon Jul 23 14:53:05 UTC 2007

Hi all

I'm playing with a small application to manage comix that one of the  
students here did.
 From time to time my application simply render nothing, not even the  
here is the code of the main class.
Does anybody have an idea where the problem could come from?


renderContentOn: html

	html heading: 'Comix'.
	html paragraph: [ self renderMenus: html.
	html form
				[html textInput on: #search of: self.
				html space.
				html submitButton callback: [ self filter ]; text: 'search' ]].
	html render: self report.
	html paragraph: [ self renderMenus: html.]

    	^ OrderedCollection with: self report



report: aReport

    report := aReport


	| rep |
	rep := MAReport rows: self currentBase bds
					description: self bdColumnFilter.
	rep batchSize: 25.
	self report: rep.
	self report addColumn: (MACommandColumn new
								addCommandOn: self selector: #view:;
								addCommandOn: self selector: #clone:;
								addCommandOn: self selector: #edit:;
								addCommandOn: self selector: #remove:;


	super initialize.
	currentBaseName := BDBase registeredBases anyOne name asSymbol.
	self createReport

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