[Seaside] WAUrlTest>>testFragment

Michael Lucas-Smith mlucas-smith at cincom.com
Tue Jul 24 05:20:39 UTC 2007


I'm currently using 2.8a1-pmm.411 and #testFragment fails in both Squeak 
and VisualWorks. Has anyone fixed this in a newer version?

On the subject of tests - there's some weirdism with the test 
#testCompileByteArraySource. In VW, it goes down a path of 
#compileUseNewCompiler as the default is ^true.. this won't output a 
'cache' variable and therefore the source doesn't match up. The test 
assumes that the compileUseNewCompiler is false but has no way to ensure 

It gets weirder, since the non-useNewCompiler path goes in to a method 
that says "Should never come here" - this may be Michel's VW 
implementation here, but it will also not match up because it outputs 
xxxCache and not cache as the temporary variable.

I guess I'm okay with it going through the non-caching path, etc, but 
I'm curious as to what people think could/should be done with the test - 
since I'd much rather have all the tests passing in both Squeak and 


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