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Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 06:16:37 UTC 2007

> I'm currently using 2.8a1-pmm.411 and #testFragment fails in both Squeak
> and VisualWorks. Has anyone fixed this in a newer version?

This documents a bug (or problem) in the current code. As far as I
know it hasn't been fixed up to now. I have some much better URL code
ready, that fixes this and some other issues of WAUrl. It will also
allow to parse strings to URL objects, so that we have first-class
entitties that we can properly manipulate everywhere. The code is
partly based on the one of GNU Smalltalk's URL class, but backward
compatible to the one of Seaside. It will take some time to adapt
these changes.


> On the subject of tests - there's some weirdism with the test
> #testCompileByteArraySource. In VW, it goes down a path of
> #compileUseNewCompiler as the default is ^true.. this won't output a
> 'cache' variable and therefore the source doesn't match up. The test
> assumes that the compileUseNewCompiler is false but has no way to ensure
> that.
> It gets weirder, since the non-useNewCompiler path goes in to a method
> that says "Should never come here" - this may be Michel's VW
> implementation here, but it will also not match up because it outputs
> xxxCache and not cache as the temporary variable.
> I guess I'm okay with it going through the non-caching path, etc, but
> I'm curious as to what people think could/should be done with the test -
> since I'd much rather have all the tests passing in both Squeak and
> VisualWorks.
> Cheers,
> Michael
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Lukas Renggli

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