[Seaside] WAUrlTest>>testFragment

Bany, Michel mbany at cincom.com
Tue Jul 24 11:39:17 UTC 2007


> > That's true. The test is broken, it tests platform specific stuff.
> > I'll recategorize it and make it work with new compiler.
> >
> Which category? *seaside2-squeak ?


Just to clarify: category *seaside2-squeak would not exclude the method
from being exported. This rule only applies for extension methods, i.e.
methods that are added to classes that do not belong to the package.

Of course new export rules could be added to the exporter to exclude
methods from classes that belong to the package, but this has not been
done yet.

That said, I'd like Philippe to explain what effect he is expecting
from the recategorization. Could it be that Squeak selects a different
compiler based upon the method category?

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