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Richard Eng richard.eng at rogers.com
Wed Jul 25 23:01:51 UTC 2007

³Hi, do you have an example URL that I can view and/or Smalltalk code that
you're using to produce the HTML?

You can look at my ³development² URL. But be forewarned: my home server does
not run most times. In fact, this evening is one of the rare times that it
will be up all evening (till 11:00 pm EST)...

Good luck.


On 7/25/07 5:04 PM, "Richard Eng" <richard.eng at rogers.com> wrote:

> I have a question regarding page rendering speed...
> My preliminary web app is shaping up quite nicely. However, there seems to be
> a quirk regarding performance (rendering speed) in various browsers. For
> example, in IE7 under Vista, every time the page refreshes (or you go to
> another page), the screen flashes momentarily.
> Ditto for Safari under both Vista and OS X.
> However, Firefox and Opera perform admirably (Firefox under Vista, OS X, and
> Linux).
> This is puzzling. After all, the only thing that Seaside is doing is generate
> a bunch of HTML that¹s downloaded to the client (browser). How is this
> different from serving up ³static² HTML pages???
> The issue is definitely related to Seaside because IE7 and Safari do not flash
> on static websites. Does anyone have any idea what¹s going on?
> Thanks.
> Regards,

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