[Seaside] Application null rendering

cbeler at enit.fr cbeler at enit.fr
Sat Jul 28 17:33:33 UTC 2007

Conrad Taylor a écrit :
> Hi, I had to install one package when I got started with Seaside on
> VisualWorks and this process took about 5 minutes or so.  Next, VMWare
> seems to only support Intel based Macs.  Thus, this will not work on
> non-Intel based Macs.  Also, with the forthcoming VMWare Fusion, it's
> slated for Intel based Macs.  In any case, agree with Boris that there
> needs to be converage for the various dialects.  Does the Gemstone
> Seaside VM work with VisualWorks?
> -Conrad
What do you think of virtualbox instead of vmware [1] ? There is an
opensource edition and it seems it works on all platforms.




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