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Rajeev Lochan lochan94 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 09:14:45 UTC 2007

Well you can check out SmallReddit application made by Ramon Leon at

There is a login cum register page, only after successful login or
registration, you are re-directed to next component in its  go method

On 7/30/07, Richard K Eng <richard.eng at rogers.com> wrote:
> I was trying to understand why this works. When I coded the block within
> the
> Login component, it did not work. I NOW SEE THE LIGHT!
> It comes down to 'self'--which self are you calling method #call: from? It
> has to be the main component! Because the callback block has to capture
> the
> main component's context.
> What I was doing was wrong because it was capturing the Login component's
> context--that's the reason GSServiceCentre was replacing the Login
> component! I learned something very important today. What an eye-opener.
> Thank you very much.
> Regards,
> Richard
> Andrius Paulavicius wrote:
> ---------------------------
> Add an instance variable called onSave and its accesor methods to Login
> component. When you create you're login component pass it a block:
>     login onSave: [self call: GSServiceCentre new].
> and in Login components save method evaluate that block:
>     onSave value.
> > "Pass a callback block [self call: GSServiceCentre new] from you main to
> > login component, and evaluate it with its method "value" when you want
> it
> > executed."
> >
> > How do you do that? I'm not entirely familiar with Smalltalk syntax.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Richard
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