[Seaside] Firebird SQL as backend

Alan Knight knight at acm.org
Tue Jul 31 15:02:32 UTC 2007

Glorp, and the GlorpActiveRecord work with Firebird, at least in VisualWorks. Niall Ross did the initial work. If using Squeak, there might be some work to do to make it use the appropriate database connect - I think most of the current Squeak usage uses Postgresql. But if there is, it's just a matter of the driver calls, the syntax and such should all be fine. It does need a reasonably current version of Firebird - older versions had some issues with subselects.

At 09:22 AM 7/31/2007, Marc Guillot wrote:
>I am a Delphi programmer looking for a Web Technology to develop a Web 2.0
>Seaside looks really awesome, but I need to maintain Firebird SQL as
>¿ There is anything simillar to RoR ActiveRecord in SeaSide supporting
>Firebird ?
>Thank you.
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