[Seaside] REST-ful urls

John Thornborrow john at pinesoft.co.uk
Mon Jun 4 08:54:48 UTC 2007

Good Morning, I hope  a pleasant weekend was had by all.

Here is where my application loads the components from #initialRequest:

initialRequest: aRequest
    | url controller |
    super initialRequest: aRequest.
    url _ aRequest url copyFrom: (self defaultPath size) to: (aRequest
url size).
    controller _ PineSoftWebController new uri: url.
    self registry at: 'content' put: (self call: controller)

and the #updateUrl: method from is also on my root component, but
accesses the sub-component for the value:

updateUrl: aUrl
    aUrl addToPath: self content url

I shall try adding the #updateUrl: method to my sub-component for a test
now - but I'm 99% sure this behaviour was also prevailent when I did it



Lukas Renggli wrote:
>> Sorry, my bad - I forgot to mention I am using #updateUrl: on my
>> components, such as the blog component adds "/blog" to the url - but it
>> still does not maintain it.
> Strange, then there must be a bug somewhere. Can you post some code?
>> It *does* add it when I click a link (within my application) to my blog,
>> but not when I browse directly to it.
> Check WABrowser. This example uses the same technique.
>> Will have a look around - I have Pier also, but didn't see anything
>> immediately identifiable as applicable to REST-ful urls.
> It is a bit more complicated there, as it comes from the time where
> there was no #initialRequest:. If I find the time it would be maybe
> good to simplify it a little bit ;-)
> Lukas

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