[Seaside] WASelectTag

Ken Treis ken at miriamtech.com
Wed Jun 6 18:34:38 UTC 2007

On Jun 6, 2007, at 10:41 AM, Lukas Renggli wrote:

>> Can we add the trivial helpers for WASelectTag>>name: and
>> WAOptionTag>>value: ? The other form input tags have them. I have  
>> added them
>> as extensions in my VisualWorks package, but it seems that they  
>> belong in
>> the base. It'd be more consistent with the other form input tags.
> They are in the latest Seaside 2.8. Again some more code  
> duplication ...

Thanks Lukas.

I know (at some point) people were holding out for traits to solve  
this, but it seems like a lot of these helpers could simply be pushed  
up to WATagBrush. Things like name, value, type, etc. all fall under  
the category of "common attribute helpers" that several (but not all)  
tags need.

The protocols wouldn't be as clearly documented for each individual  
tag, but personally I'd rather take the tradeoff if we could reduce  
code duplication.

Ken Treis
Miriam Technologies, Inc.

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