[Seaside] WAComponent callbacks, continuations and #children

John Thornborrow john at pinesoft.co.uk
Thu Jun 7 11:02:14 UTC 2007

Lukas Renggli wrote:
>> Other issue (1. on the list) is the maintenance of the instances, I'm
>> not happy with using singletons as this could (and probably will)
>> generate cross-session changes.
> There is something fundamentally wrong with your code. Using
> singletons certainly won't work. A component encapsulates the state
> private to a single session, they must not be shared among different
> sessions.
> If you could provide a file-out or Monticello package then we could
> certainly help to solve your problem. With the current information it
> is rather difficult to help.
> Lukas
I shall make a file-out shortly, however I have been asked to work on
something else for now.

On the note of singeltons, the reason for this is because if I created a
new component object, I would receive the callback error because it is
not the same instance as the previous callback state had.

Once I get round to generating the file out, hopefully my problem will
be more clear.



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