[Seaside] CSS dinamycally manipulated

Martial Boniou Martial.Boniou at ifrance.com
Sat Jun 9 09:27:06 UTC 2007

Ramon Leon a écrit :
| > I think CSS has to become a first class citizen (like HTML) 
| > first, no? :) _______________________________________________
| No.  Designers aren't programmers and programmers aren't designers, and they
| never will be.  

Of course but what about the Flash designers (coders or designers).

I believe that having a dynamic css doesn't urge the designers to
program it. I don't like much this old way of thinking: code and coders
at one side, design tools and designers at the other one. Data vs code.
It brings a lot of bad communications. Languages parse and parse again.
Data are statics and full of redundancies.

Coders and designers should do there work orthogonnally
without annoying each other and with their own point of view. But why
not doing this on the same language core. It would even be nice for
designers to have a bit of coding possibilities like macros. This
standard philosophy results to the failure of Lisp. I hope the trendy
solution like XML/XSLT would give us a future way of composing
page/wiki/application in a more DSL fashion.

| Designers don't want dynamic CSS, and programmers have already lived through
| having our dynamic markup (HTML) abused for design, why would we to go
| through that again?  Making CSS a first class citizen doesn't give designers
| more options, it gives programmers more work.
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