[Seaside] More than one component in a page

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What you want is to embed one component into another http://www.shaffer-consulting.com/david/Seaside/Embedding/index.html
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  Subject: [Seaside] More than one component in a page

  Dear Seasiders,
  I am a newbie and have encountered the following hurdle in my web application.

  I have modified the code from (http://www.lukas-renggli.ch/smalltalk/seaside/artofseaside.txt ) and have added a page which has a number of titles of lists.

  I have a component (say component1) which has titles of lists. On clicking any title, the corresponding list opens up in another page(component2) which has a number of items. Now I want to have both on same page. 

  On the left I should have component1, on clicking any title, the contents of that particular list should be displayed next to it.

  I have been trying to follow up the WAStore (SushiStore) example, but not able to succeed in doing so. Are there any other tutorials or examples, from where I can pick some points. 

  Anticipating your help,

  Rajeev Lochan

  Co-founder, AR-CAD.com

  +91 9212090622 (Gurgaon)
  080 65355873 (Bangalore) 


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